The Roles of the Executive and Board

In September of each year, the Association holds its Annual General Meeting. It is at this time that we invite individual parents to take part and become part of our Executive or Board.

We are extremely grateful for all of the parents who offer their valuable time and talent to ensure our work can continue!


The Executive of the Association consists of the President, Vice-President (or Co-Presidents), Treasurer and Secretary. These are elected positions, and they serve a two (2) year term.


The President is responsible for the overall business of the Association and ensures that the Association’s mandate is followed in all activities, and in communications.

Duties include:

  • Chairing the Annual General Meeting and Business Meetings of the Association
  • Ensuring all Bylaws of the Association are followed
  • Representing the Association at meetings with stakeholders responsible for gifted education, or delegating other representatives when appropriate
  • Participating in and/or overseeing all Committees of the Association
  • Ensuring all legal requirement of the Association, such as Financial Audits, etc, have been completed and filed by the appropriate member responsible
  • Other duties, as needed


The Vice-President assists the President in their duties, and ideally succeeds the President due to the experience they obtain during their term.

Other duties include:

  • Helping to Chair Business Meetings of the Association, when delegated by the President
  • Helping to represent the Association at meetings, etc
  • Helping to ensure all Association and Executive understand their roles and duties
  • Other business, as delegated by the President


The Treasurer is responsible to manage the financial aspects of the Association, including keeping a record of all monies received or spent.

Duties include:

  • Preparing financial reports, showing bank balance, credits, debits, etc, when requested for Business Meetings or otherwise
  • Ensuring a fiscal year-end report of the Association’s finances has been completed and audited, with report submitted where appropriate
  • Along with at least one other member of the Executive, maintaining cheque-signing authority for the Association’s banking and ensuring payments are distributed as needed
  • Other financial duties, as assigned


The Secretary is responsible to help manage the written materials of the Association.

Activities may include:

  • Helping to prepare, distribute and print agendas for Business Meetings
  • Helping to take minutes at Business Meetings, and preparing draft copies for Executive/Board review
  • Completing final copies of minutes and ensuring appropriate storage
  • Helping to print letters and other communication materials of the Association, as needed
  • Other duties, as appropriate


The Board of the Association consists of the many other parent representatives who help to Chair (and facilitate) the various Committees, as well as those who help to bridge communications with our individual schools as Site-Representatives. These are appointed positions, and they serve a one (1) year term.


Each school which houses the GATE Program is supported by Site-Representatives. Ideally, there is at least one or more Site-Representatives for each school; it is also ideal for these representatives to be an official member of their site’s School Council or Parent Advisory Council, but this is subject to the procedures of their individual site. Their responsibilities primarily involve helping to act as liaison with regards to communications.

Duties include:

  • Helping to ensure that important information (Ex: news, events, business, concerns, etc) related to the GATE Program is relayed and shared between their school, and the GATE Parent Association Executive and Board
  • Helping to establish a communication link between the GATE Parent Association and their site’s Administration (Ex: principal, assistant principal) and GATE Program staff (Ex: Learning Leaders and teachers)
  • Ensuring the administration and GATE Program staff at their site is aware of funds offered by the GATE Parent Association, for the purchase of advanced resources, etc
  • Helping to participate in activities or other duties, as assigned


The Advocacy Committee looks for opportunities to ensure or obtain support for the GATE Program, in a variety of ways.

They may write letters or arrange meetings with officials who are responsible for supporting (or implementing) Special Education programs for the gifted, seeking continued or expanded support.

Examples of the Advocacy Committee’s target audience may be:

  • Calgary Board of Education (CBE) administrators for Learning Services, responsible for the GATE Program
  • CBE Area Directors, Superintendents, Chief Superintendent, and Board of Trustee members
  • Administrators of Alberta Learning
  • The Minister, and the Deputy Minister of Education, for the province of Alberta
  • Others, as appropriate


The Communications (Web/Media) Committee is responsible for managing the Association’s email Mailing List, website, and Social Media activities.

Activities may include:

  • Monitoring the Association’s Mailing List registry and ensuring names/contacts are added and deleted when requested
  • Sending appropriate notices to Mailing List members, when requested
  • Forwarding email inquiries received by the Association to the appropriate Executive or Board member for attention
  • Monitoring the Association’s website and arranging changes, edits, as necessary
  • Coordinating Social Media activities (Ex: Facebook page and Twitter)
  • Other duties, as appropriate


The Education Committee is responsible for helping to coordinate the informational and educational sessions (Ex: lectures, etc) offered by the Association.

Activities may include:

  • Identifying and scheduling speakers with expertise in giftedness and/or gifted education, to present at education sessions
  • Helping to identify and book locations for education sessions
  • Ensuring meeting arrangements are made, such as appropriate A/V equipment, hand-outs, sign-in sheets, volunteers, etc
  • Other duties, as appropriate


Casino fund-raising events occur every 18-24 months.

During a non-casino year, the Casino Liaison helps our schools with the funding allocation offered by the Association.

Activities may include:

  • Working with the Treasurer to identify each school site’s funding allocation for the year
  • Ensuring the administrators, GATE staff and Site-Representatives of each school site is notified of the funding allocation offered to them
  • Ensuring that any spending with casino gaming funds fits within guidelines set by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC)
  • Receiving receipts from school sites for expenditures, preparing reimbursement cheques, and submitting payment
  • Other duties, as appropriate

During a casino year, the Casino Liaison helps the Association to participate in the fund-raising activity by also acting as Casino Coordinator.

Activities may include:

  • Obtaining all appropriate licensing requirements from AGLC and submitting the Request for Casino License, and other materials, as appropriate
  • Helping to recruit and schedule volunteers for the event
  • Completing final paperwork/reports after the casino event, and submitting to AGLC within the timeframe set
  • Other duties, as appropriate


If Past President(s) still have children in the GATE Program after their term, they may serve a term as part of the Board in order to provide supports to newer Executive and Board members.

Activities may include:

  • Providing mentorship and guidance to other members of the Association Executive and Board
  • Providing history, insight and/or expertise with regards to GATE Program, in order to assist with activities or decision-making
  • Participating in Committees or other activities, as assigned or appropriate
You can help us in many ways, including through financial support, as well as personally volunteering for events.

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